6 Unique Packages & Outplacement Costs Offered by Employment Boost

If you’re interested in investing in outplacement services for your employees, maybe you’ve noticed that outplacement isn’t cheap. On average, agencies are charging around $3,000 per employee that you’re hoping to cover. So if you have 10 employees, it will set you back $30,000 just to help insure their future when layoffs are happening throughout your company.


Any responsible and compassionate employer will at some point consider investing in outplacement, but the high average of outplacement costs can be a huge deterrent. There is one company, however, that provides stellar services but does not charge you an arm and a leg for them.


This company is called Employment Boost, and it is one of the leading providers of outplacement services in the United States. Their services are trusted by major corporations like Lowe’s and employees out of a job have found success with Employment Boost.


This company offers a variety of packages ranging in services offered and cost. You can read about the 6 unique outplacement packages offered by Employment Boost in 2019.


Outplacement CORE


The most basic package offered is CORE and it will cost just $999 per employee you are hoping to cover. This package provides 45 days of support after termination which is much more than other leading outplacement service providers. Here are a few more services offered within the CORE package:

  • Complete resume writing and supporting documents
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • One-on-one modern job search coaching
  • One-on-one interview coaching


These services plus more are sure to help your laid-off employees find a job soon after being terminated.


Outplacement CORE+


This package is similar to the one we just mentioned with a few added benefits. The CORE+ package offers everything within CORE but also provides a mock interview session, digital branding analysis, and an additional 45 days of support. It will cost $1,499 per employee you wish to cover.


Outplacement Elite


The Elite package includes everything we’ve already mentioned plus weekly coaching and follow up sessions, career planning and transitional support, and a whopping 120 days of support. The Elite package costs $1,999 per person.


Executive CORE


This package is geared towards helping executives find a job after being terminated. An exec is someone that has the credentials to hold a leadership position within a company, like a CEO or CFO. Here is what is included in the Executive CORE package for $1,250 per person:

  • Complete executive resume writing service
  • Exploratory career conversation
  • LinkedIn profile update and photo selection
  • Cover letter and thank you letter
  • Single page executive biography
  • 60 days of support


Executive CORE+


Similar the the Executive CORE package, the CORE+ covers execs in the event of termination with a few added benefits. In addition to the perks we mentioned in the CORE , your employees will receive modern executive job search coaching and executive interview coaching. These sessions are both one-on-one and have been proven to be extremely effective.


Executive Elite


This Elite package for executives also includes weekly coaching and follow-up sessions, 120 days of support, career planning sessions, and targeted job search consulting. It will cost $2,500 to cover each executive within your company for outplacement.

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