A guide to starting your immigration process

First of all, congratulations on deciding to move to the United States of America! The United States is one of the best places to live. It’s called the land of dreams because everything’s on your horizon in the U.S.

The country offers first-class amenities and a relatively low crime rate across the board. Moreover, you never have to worry about getting a job in the U.S. because it houses companies from all industries. In case you’re worried about the immigration process, here’s a guide to help you know more.

Understand the process

There’s a step-by-step process put in place to move to the U.S. You need to go through it properly and understand it before proceeding any further. You need a lot of things to move to the U.S.

If you’re planning to move to the United States permanently, you need to fulfill specific requirements. You have to pay government fees and have your application approved by the U.S. government.

The entire process can seem very complicated and expensive to people, and hence, a deep understanding is crucial. Moreover, you can look into hiring an immigration attorney to help you with your process greatly.

There are different types of Visas

Depending on your particular situation, you will be eligible for a different Visa than other people. So, you need to determine which green card meets your condition. Here are some types of green cards –

  • Family-based green cards

  • Employment-based green cards

  • Humanitarian green cards

  • Diversity lottery green cards

  • Longtime-resident green cards

  • Other green cards

Family-based green cards and employment-based green cards are the most common types of green cards available. There’s a high chance that you will also fall into one of the two categories.

What are the requirements for a green card?

You need to go through 2 main things to be eligible for a green card. The two tests are –

  • Background Check

A background check is all about checking your life history for any areas of concern. It will look into your criminal records from your previous residence places and try to look for any irregularities. You will also have to answer a couple of questions about your prior convictions.

  • Medical Exam

A medical exam checks your mental health, drug use, alcohol use, etc. It also checks you for any infectious diseases. All of the steps are put in place to ensure that you’re perfectly healthy as a candidate to move to the U.S.

There are more requirements for a green card, but they vary depending on the type of green card you want. However, the checks listed above are standard for all kinds of applicants.

The application process for an immigrant Visa

The application process differs based on your current residence. If you’re currently residing in the United States, you’ll probably be allowed to file your application while staying here and remain in the country until it is processed.

However, if you live in another country, you’ll have to apply through your home country and local embassy. In this case, you can only move to the United States once your application has been approved.

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