Can motorsport survive in a “green’” world?

There is no question that motorsports will still have a place in a more environmentally friendly world. Racing circuits such as Formula 1 have always been key innovators in technology. In fact, many of the energy saving and safety features that are found on typical pedestrian cars today were developed for the Formula 1 Circuit. Alternative fuels and decreased fuel consumption have all been part of the last few years of history for Formula 1. Here are some of the ways that motorsports are joining the green revolution.


Formula E


Formula E is the first racing circuit in the world that is dedicated to only electric cars. The first Formula E racing season was a great success. As a result, there is increased incentive within the industry to develop even greener technologies. There is no doubt that cars will become safer and more efficient. We are sure to see these key innovations cross over into the pedestrian car market and make electric cars a more realistic and economical option for many people. Formula E has a lot of marketing power because Formula 1 operates them. This power can be used to reach out to a lot of motorsports fans. Max Mosley was instrumental in encouraging green technology in Formula 1 racing cars, and campaigned for the introduction of biofuels towards the end of his presidency. He continued this tradition of environmentalism in motorsports by championing the Formula E racing circuit.


Better fuel efficiency


Formula 1 has mandated that all cars be equipped with V6 engines instead of V8 engines. Racing teams are also now limited to only one tank of fuel per race, so there is incentive to make sure the car is operating as efficiently as possible. When cars burn less fuel, they are better for the environment and they are also less expensive to operate.


Electric racing circuits


The rise of electric and more fuel-efficient cars has seen an increase in the number of electric car racing clubs and competitions. This encourages independent innovation and opens up the world of electric motorsports to more people than ever.


Increased education


Green motorsports are helping the wider motorsports world to improve their reputation with those concerned about the environment. People like motorsports and they also like the environment, and there is no reason why the two causes cannot be combined. When motorsports enthusiasts and environmental advocates work together, great things can happen and work well for everyone.


Greener technologies are essential to the future of motorsports


Fuel prices and the price tag of running a motorsport team can be expensive. While greener technologies can cost a lot to develop and implement initially, they save a lot of money over time. The more common they become, the more economical these technologies are for everyone. Longer lasting tires are a result of need as much as a response to environmental concerns. Since racing teams have been working towards greener technologies for quite some time, they are in a good position to continue transforming the motorsports industry in the future. In fact, we will all be in greener and safer cars due to the innovations seen on motorsports circuits all over the world.

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