Creating Sleek Exhibition Displays

Portable displays are by far the most important element of any trade show or exhibition. They present a medium through which your organisation can entice those on the show floor to stop by and learn more about your organisation and its offerings. They pave the way to highly effective face time with interested parties.


That being said, a poorly crafted display is going to have the opposite effect. It’s not as if these visual displays are only a nice – but ultimately unnecessary – complement to your exhibit. On the contrary, they operate on its front lines. If a prospective client or customer is turned off by a less than stellar display, they are much more likely to pass over your booth and proceed straight to the next one.

And it’s difficult to blame them. After all, who wants to waste time on an exhibitor who clearly doesn’t have the creativity or motivation to at least try and place their best foot forward on such an important day?

How to Ensure Your Display Passes the Test
Unless your organisation is directly involved in some form of graphic design and marketing, it’s probably safe to assume that you will receive better design services from a provider who specialises in this field.
Express Exhibition Displays is a good example of a well-regarded firm, but there are several others worth looking into as well.

The key in this situation is to let expert designers take care of the intricacies of your display’s appearance, so that you and your team can get down to those tasks that you excel at. With everyone focused on that which they do best, you’ll end up with an eye-catching final product that is going to turn heads, encourage visitors and hopefully lead the way to closing deals on the trade show floor.

Types of Displays Available

You’ll find that a wide variety of exhibition displays are available on the market today. That being said – not all are created equally. Some exhibition booths are downright award-worthy, while others are uninspired and hardly worth a second glance. Naturally, you want the exhibit representing your organisation to be as eye catching and motivating as possible.

Part of achieving this effect is using the right mix of display types. Here are a few of the common apparatuses on the market today:

  • Banner stands

  • Display boards

  • Literature stands

  • Poster frames

  • Printed canvases

  • Pop-up displays

  • Display counters

And there are many more beyond those listed above. With so many styles and offerings available, it isn’t difficult to customise your exhibit space so that it clearly meets your goals and even exceeds the company’s expectations. It is, after all, always an outstanding feeling when an exhibit turns out to be even better than you had originally hoped.

If you’re planning on exhibiting at a trade show, expo or similar type of event in the near future, get started as early as possible with the planning process. The result will be a well-crafted space that impresses on site.

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