Getting To Know Your Audience: How To Target The Right Customers

It’s imperative that as a business you take some time to understand who your demographic is and how to capture their attention – however it’s important to remember that getting to know your audience is not an instant process. It requires time, research and testing out what is well received.

Take a look at your product and working with your team create at least three personas; these are the people you believe you are targeting your service or product at. Once you have decided who these three people are you can then angle your content and marketing towards them.

Facebook is a great tool when it comes to working out who your audience is, if you already have a page set up on the social media platform. Simply head to settings on your page and hit the people and other pages button in the left column, this should bring up a list of who likes your page where you can discern their ages, sex and other pages they’ve liked. From this data you can build up a good idea of who your company appeals to and then go from there.

Targeting the right customers all depends on the content and campaigns you are putting out. You need to publish shareable, engaging content online that will appeal to your demographic, get them talking and then actively engaging with your business.

You should also think about the product or service you are offering and consider the problem it solves for people. This will also determine your audience. Your niche is important when discerning who to target your product at and when you understand what yours is, it will make things much easier.

This also makes where to advertise and market yourself a simpler process, because it will be tailored to your audience. An edgy brand selling clothing will do better on Instagram than a local garden centre, although if their images are of the beautiful flowers and plants they sell perhaps they can reach out to potential customers on the platform – but it’s a stretch.

Working out who your audience is also helps you hone how your brand represents itself.
It will impact upon the design you choose for your business cards from Helloprint, it will make the decision for you when it comes to whether you use Twitter or Facebook or both and it can even impact on what products or services you offer in the future – so it’s pretty important you get to know your audience in the early stages.

It’s not unusual for audiences to adapt as time goes on and your business focus changes, just be prepared to adapt your marketing targeting tactics to keep up.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to your campaigns and content you share online. Many businesses get so wrapped up deciding what their customers want without actually testing the water to see what is well received.

Put out that funny blog post, share that helpful image or create a poll on Twitter and keep an eye on how people react to these types of marketing posts. Try out some news related content to discern what people find interesting and then work from there to understand your target audience and tailor your future campaigns and content to appeal to them.

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