How to Properly Manage the Process of Innovation

Innovation, like happiness, is a journey and not a destination. This means you have to have proper innovation process management steps in place as well. In doing so, the process will be smoother and will have a far greater chance of success. There are many innovation management techniques that have been used in the past, and knowing about these may teach you how to manage your own process as well. It is basically about finding a way to make the company and the individuals in the process interact properly.

A Two Step Process

The first element of innovation process management is about gathering internal and external ideas and sharing them with everyone who is involved. Being engaged across the board is vital to the success of the process. These discussions will help you to define a goal and a way of achieving that, as well as the existing methods and means that you can utilize. Make sure you have frequent brainstorming sessions and meetings to achieve this properly.

The second element of innovation process management is about creating a business plan. Many businesses focus too quickly on the technological aspects of innovation, thereby overlooking the actual business model. There are plenty of free resources available online that you can use in order to learn how to create a business model. Innovation generally works best in the delivery of services and this is where your energy should be spent. This is also why each employee should be given the opportunity to be creative in their own way.

Innovation and Motivation

Innovation and motivation go hand in hand. If you allow an employee to be innovative, you need to also motivate them to actually do so. Unfortunately, for many businesses, releasing control over their employees is very difficult. Additionally, employees often don’t trust that they are truly given the opportunity to be creative. This is a long process and it is incredibly important for leadership and management to work on changing that culture to become more positive overall. If an employee knows that their ideas will truly be recognized and accepted as being good, you can guarantee that they will be more motivated as well.

Once innovation is included in the company culture, it will quickly mature and infect other employees across the business. Before you know it, your entire business will be innovative and a step ahead of your competition.

It is hard to believe that the only thing that management really has to do is give their employees freedom. However, we have seen time and time again that it truly works. Look at Google, where employees can visit the café at any point and eat and drink for free, where there are entertainment rooms and relaxation lounges. Google is one of the richest companies in the world right now and every employee is fully dedicated to the cause. That is what true innovation looks like and what happens when you trust that employees will always do their best.

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