Innovation Management Software Helps to Find Problems and Create Solutions

A definition of creativity could be to be able to identify problems and generate ideas. A definition of innovation meanwhile, could be one of selecting ideas, developing them, and commercializing them. Creativity is hard to define, because it could also refer to how many new ideas are created, the diversity of the ideas, or even just a number of ideas. Either way, creativity and Innovation go hand in hand. Together comma they enable businesses to identify problems and come up with new solutions to resolve those. An integral part of that is to have proper innovation management software in place.

Innovation Management Software Helps to Identify and Resolve Issues

The first issue innovation management software can help with this problem identification. While identifying a problem may seem simplistic, it is actually quite complex. Within a business, the way a sales representative sees a problem will be different from the way the customer sees that same problem, or to the way the manager, the designer, the technician, or the receptionist sees that problem. That there is a problem is clear; just how it is a problem, however, is a little bit more obscure.

What is needed therefore,is that an equally diverse group of people comes up with ideas to resolve the problems. At the same time, there is a need for leaders to understand the organizational structure and culture, the way the teams are made up. and how sessions can be organised in which ideas can be generated. It is here that ideas may be able to become selected.

Once ideas have been selected, they must become developed. It is believed that in order to create 100 projects that are worthwhile, 3000 bright ideas are needed. Those 100 projects meanwhile, will end up in just four new products. And of those four, there may be one that actually become successful.

The last stage therefore, is commercialization. This is where a marketing strategy must be developed, a product or service must be designed, pricing strategies have to be put in place, and more. It is perhaps no surprise that creativity and innovation is becoming increasingly complex. So much so, in fact, that it is now possible to complete an MBA that focuses specifically on managing creativity and innovation. Well there is no suggestion that anyone who wants to be able to manage the innovation process should have a graduate degree at MBA level comma it does highlight that this is not something that should be considered easy or something that is done as an afterthought.

Thankfully, we also live in a world where almost everything is now digital and automated. The same is true for the overall innovation process. Thanks to innovation management software, it is now possible for businesses to identify problems and collect potential solutions in a much more efficient manner. This software essentially means that there is no need for someone to complete an MBA, as the program does most the work for management.

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