Some niches are simply more profitable than others, especially in cities like Montreal. This may be because the business doesn’t really need much in terms of startup money and overhead. It may take advantage of an interest or skill you already possess. The business may allow you to charge a significant amount of money, or perhaps you don’t have much in terms of competition.

To promote your business, all you need to do is to build a proper website that explains what you offer in terms of services and products. Then with the help of local SEO services in Montreal, you can make sure that your potential customers can find your business when they’re in need of your services and products.

So what are these small businesses that are inherently more profitable? Here are a few that may pique your interest.

  1. Gardening. If you’re already a gardening hobbyist, you already have the tools you need to make sure the gardens of other people always look healthy and nice. Gardens need constant upkeep, so gaining a customer means you can get repeat business if they like your work. In addition, there aren’t too many gardeners vying for customers these days.

  2. Personal training. It’s a fact that nowadays too many people are overweight. It’s also a fact that many people are failing in their efforts to lose weight. So there will always be a demand. If you’re already a gym rat and you’re in good shape, all you need to get is a qualification in personal training, which isn’t difficult or expensive to obtain.

  3. Local IT support. Just about every local business these days uses a computer of some sort, and many of the users can have problems with their computers. If you’re already handy in fixing computers for friends, you should just start a business and help provide support for the local businesses on your neighborhood.

  4. Property maintenance. You don’t need special knowledge to earn money if you’re willing to work hard and get your hands dirty. Plenty of homeowners are willing to pay good money for other people to pull out the weeds from their yards, repair their chimneys, and clean their gutters and windows. The pay may be so-so, but you don’t need a lot of overhead and there’s always high and constant demand for your services. People who need your services just need to know about you, which is why you need a website.

  5. Cleaning service. This is like property maintenance, except this time you need to clean inside the house. You will also need a vacuum cleaner, polish floor clear, and other cleaning paraphernalia. If you already have this item in your home and you really don’t mind cleaning other people’s homes, then this job can get you a lot of custom on a regular basis.

  6. Food truck. Many people who can prepare fantastic dishes have discovered to their sorrow that there’s more to running a restaurant than cooking expertise. A restaurant requires lots of overhead. But a food truck doesn’t need much money to start with, especially if you already have a van to work with. Get yourself set right outside an office building, and you’ll have plenty of customers.

  7. Website content provider. Are you a good writer? The local businesses in your area probably all have websites, but many of them may not be updating their blogs as often as they should. You can write blog posts and articles for their websites for a fee.

Every startup business is a risk, but the businesses we’ve listed here you have little to lose and much to gain. So start your website for your business, advertise through your local network, and start making money on the side!

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