Today, businesses have many opportunities that were much harder to come by in the past. The growth of improved communications and technologies has led to a more connected world. For the business that is looking to expand its trade network, there has never been a better time to look abroad for opportunity.

Emerging economies

The areas of the world that show the most potential for growth are those that are beginning to develop and modernize. Areas in the Middle East are showing good promise for growth. The GDP of the United Arab Emirates alone is expected to rise 25% within the next decade. This will create an economy where citizens have a lot more income to work with. The demand for better housing and an increasing number of luxury goods will create markets that were not possible before.

Investments abroad can fund business at home

To invest abroad, you don’t have to start a branch of your business at a foreign location. You can invest in areas such as real estate where you own and lease properties. The money earned from this investment can be used to help fund your ventures in your home country or be reinvested abroad.

Urbanization creating opportunities

Fahad Al-Rajaan and his firm, Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium, helps people invest in the development of Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East. As emerging economies grow, more people find themselves moving from rural areas into the city to take advantage of better access to jobs and educational opportunities. This means that cities in areas such as the Middle East are experiencing high demand for housing and commercial spaces. Real estate is an investment that can offer lucrative returns. The earlier you buy in, the greater the potential for maximum profits down the road. As cities grow, there will be greater demand for manufacturing facilities that can produce goods for consumption without the hassle of import. If you have a manufacturing business, then now would be a good time to buy your space and start planning a facility in the Middle East.


As economies grow, there is more demand for goods. Some of these countries do not have enough manufacturing facilities to meet consumer demand. Exporting products to foreign countries can add a lot of revenue to your company. Exporting to some countries involves more regulations than others, so it is important to work with an agent that can assist you in making sure that your company is meeting all regulations, taxes, etc.

Fashion, retail, entertainment

It is reported that no less than four malls have recently been built outside of Abu Dhabi. This is in response to the mass amount of tourism and foreigners moving to the city. This growth means that the demand for consumer goods to stock these stores is going to rise a lot in the foreseeable future. Clothing, home goods, entertainment, etc. are all showing signs of being strong markets and good investments.

Expanding your investment portfolio with foreign opportunity

The investment world can be confusing to navigate. It is important to research all of the opportunities that are feasible for you or your business and sit down with an investment professional before making your choice. A good investment strategy can help your business have the greatest chance at long-term success.

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