When you are in the hospitality business, it is important that your business makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable, regardless of their disabilities. The larger the gathering at your hospitality business, the greater the odds that you will have multiple guests with disabilities. Large event venues absolutely must do everything they can to make their facilities more accessible and easy to use. Here are some tips for making your hotel or restaurant more hospitable to people with a wide array of disabilities.

Grab bars

For those with disabilities that affect their motor skills, grab bars are a must. You can get grab bars in a variety of sizes that easily bolt to walls. This inexpensive addition goes a long way towards making your business safer for disabled people and those around them.

Large-print menus and Braille

It is simple to have menus printed that are easier for those with vision problems to use. Menus can also be printed in Braille to better service blind patrons.

Easy access entry

All too often, the disabled access entryway of a business is also inconvenient due to placement. You need to do everything you can to ensure that entryways for those in wheelchairs are as nicely maintained, attractive, and easy to use as your regular entry. In some cases, the entry ways don’t have to be separate at all. A concrete or metal ramp can turn stairs into a wheelchair accessible entryway. Metal ramps can be installed very quickly and offer a lot of advantages.

Wheelchairs for guests

Hotels should have a spare wheelchair or two available for guests. This prepares you in case someone is feeling ill or weak. Someone might have thought that they did not need one for a short trip and then discovered that they do. Keeping several sizes of wheelchair is a good idea for the comfort of your guests. Electric wheelchairs are a better option for the elderly or severely disabled because they allow for a higher level of independence and quicker mobility.


Hotels should have at least some rooms with a bathroom that is easier for disabled people to use. This means a larger bathroom in many cases because you need to allow room for a wheelchair. It can also be beneficial to keep transfer benches available so that guests can more easily get into and out of a bathtub or shower. Grab bars need to be placed on every wall in order to prevent falls. Non-skid bathtub and shower surfaces are essential. There are mats and other accessories that can be added to slick surfaces for better traction and control.

Be clear on your accessibility

A statement to guests that fully describes the disability access features is essential. It makes it much easier for guests to plan their experience with your business. If your business is a hotel, for example, you might say that you have ground-level rooms available. A catering service or party planner might ask about the needs of all guests. This level of involvement shows your guests and customers that your business cares and will go the extra mile to provide outstanding service.

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