After you stumble out of bed, wash your face, throw on your suit and make your way bleary-eyed to the office, the last thing you want is to be greeted by a building that’s smoking and smouldering like a revolver in a second-rate Clint Eastwood movie.

Whilst it’s a thought that’s unlikely to keep you up at night, it’s a situation that the vast majority of business owners would obviously rather avoid. After all, your workplace is likely one of the biggest assets your company owns.

But help is at hand.

To avoid having to beat back the flames when your turn up for another day, not to mention your life’s working crashing and burning before your very eyes, follow these top tips to keep your office and your employees safe from harm.

Fireproof Your Walls

It’s probably something you’ve never given much thought, but fireproofing your walls, ceilings and floors with high performance composite fire panels could mean the difference between fire spreading and the flames being contained.

To that end, companies like Durasteel provide fireproofing services to help stop flames from wreaking havoc throughout your building. Best of all, these panels offer four hour flame resistance, which should be adequate time for the emergency services to arrive on the scene.

Keep Smoke Alarms Primed

When you’re cooking your evening meal and burn the chips, there’s nothing worse than the smoke alarm wailing as if to reinforce your shortcomings in the kitchen – but when it comes to the workplace, a good smoke alarm is worth its weight in gold.

Indeed, its high pitch noise will often be the first inkling that anything’s wrong, allowing you and your employees to scarper to safety, which is why their presence in your premises is highly recommended.

Make It Easy To Get Out

While fire walls and smoke alarms are great at containing and warning you of fire, it must still be easy for you and your colleagues to make your way out of the building, lest your workplace becomes a low budget version of The Wicker Man.

With this in mind, make sure all fire exits are clearly marked, as well as letting employees know exactly where each exit is and where they should assemble once they’ve left the building. It sounds simple, but this kind of forethought is what saves lives in an emergency.

Now it’s over to you …

Have you ever thought about how a fire would impact your business? What measures do you have in place to avoid a scenario like any of the above? Please let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

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