Selecting the Right Dropshipping Tools for Your Dropshipping Venture

Although getting started as a dropshipper is more difficult than ever, it has, in a way, become quite easier. That is because there are many dropshipping tools available on the market. All of this technology can help you to find the best products to sell, and not just based on your gut feeling. Instead, you can automate the process and find products to sell that will do extremely well online – and have the data to back it all up. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to find products that will sell well online via dropshipping.


Use a Product Finding Tool


One of the best ways to find out what is actually selling online is to use a product finding tool. This doesn’t specifically need to focus on dropshipping, but it can scan online listings automatically on ecommerce sites like eBay and Amazon and see what is selling. This type of tool allows you to look at the metrics behind these products, such as search volume and click through rate, to get a better idea of what types of products people are actually looking for when shopping online.


Use an Analytics Tool


There’s no point of gathering data behind ecommerce product listings if you don’t have the analysis to back it up. As such, you should consider using an analytics tool that focuses specifically on ecommerce. One such example of a tool like this is Zik Analytics, which is specifically optimized toward dropshipping. This tool gives useful information to its users and can help you automate product research, category research, competitor research, and more. You can also grab all the info from a specific seller if you already know who your competition will be within your specific dropshipping product niche. This ensures that you can make data driven decisions that will help you optimize your dropshipping venture over that of your competitors.


Find the Trends


Although you should certainly automate research that scans specific listings, data cannot inform all of your decisions in dropshipping. Instead, you need to use a tool to find trends within your chosen product niche. The most comprehensive tool for this is Google Trends, and best of all its completely free. All you need to do is type in search terms related to your product niche. You can also compare different product niche’s to see what you think the most viable path forward will be. While the tool itself is not specified for dropshipping or selling online, you can glean valuable information this way, including data unavailable with other tools that is sourced from Google Analytics.

As you can see, there are many different types of tools you will need to start a dropshipping venture. While the competition is steeper than ever, using the correct tools can give you the edge over your competition that you need and help you succeed. Once you are able to narrow down what product niche you will be selling in, scanning listings and pulling data from them will help you make data driven decisions that will help you market your products both in the right way and to the correct demographic.

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