If you are planning on publishing your brand new official company website to the Internet, you should definitely put these plans on delay if you have not taken advantage of your domain provider’s offer to include ecommerce technology with your domain hosting deal. This is one aspect of modern online business technology that you simply cannot afford to be without. Publishing a business website to the Internet without including a venue for your customers to purchase goods and services directly from an online web store is simply shooting yourself in the foot before you even leave the starting gate.

Get Your Official Online Web Store And Shopping Cart Set Up Today

You can get your official online web store and shopping cart set up today, thanks to the services of any number of reputable providers. The technology that governs the creation of online shopping carts and the other components that make up modern ecommerce software has progressed at an exponential rate within a very short number of years, so there’s no excuse for your site not to feature it. The ability to allow customers from all over the world to purchase goods from your website at any hour of the day or night, including while you are fast asleep in your bed, ought to be enough to compel you to purchase it.

Without Proper Ecommerce Features, Your Website Is Dead In The Water

The fact of the matter is that, without proper ecommerce features loaded on to it, your website is doomed to simply die on the vine without ever attracting serious attention from millions of potential customers. What’s the point of even having a website that doesn’t offer customers a chance to purchase goods directly from you without having to visit your physical location (which may not even exist) or go through a third party vendor who will probably add on extra charges? If you aren’t equipped to sell goods that interest your customers, you have simply wasted their time, and they won’t forget this.

Why Do You Need A Shopping Cart On Your Official Company Website?

You may be wondering why you need a shopping cart, or other ecommerce technology, on your official company website. The reason is as clear as it is simple: Giving your customers the option to store goods in their shopping cart while they continue to browse the site for items that might interest them will also give you the opportunity to furnish them with a friendly reminder when they proceed to check out. It’s like a whistle that says, “Hey! Don’t forget about this other item that you stuck in the cart here! Why don’t you buy this too?”

Giving customers such friendly (but not pushy) reminders gives you another opportunity to “up sell” and increase your take for the day. If enough people do this, just imagine what your profits for the week or the month can be. This is exactly why ecommerce technology is so crucial to the health of your business.

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