Strategies for Developing a Winning Salesforce

Have you recently been charged with developing a regional or national salesforce for a major enterprise or start-up company? Both present unique challenges and advantages. A larger, more established enterprise most likely has a well-established salesforce. Some of these team members might be more productive than others. A strong sales leader knows it takes more than simply achieving pre-defined sales goals each month to become a winning sales executive. Follow these recommendations from experienced National and Regional Sales Directors to build a winning sales force.

Training, product knowledge and winning sales techniques can all be taught. Motivation, an ability to work well with others and a strong sense of ethics are traits that prospective and current sales representatives needs to bring to the table. A strong sales director allows their sales representatives to develop their own sales goals and then reviews and adjusts them one on one with each sales representatives. The sales representative needs to take ownership of their goals. Plan to partner the stronger, more effective sales representatives with those that are less experienced or less effective.

While a strong commission structure is critical for motivating a sales force, there are other types of equally effective incentives available. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons. Snag several Undercover Tourist coupons and reward the high achieving sales representatives with discounted tickets to local attractions. These local attraction tickets can also be used for the entire sales force to build comradery a team work.

Ensure that your sales force has deep product and product delivery knowledge. Never make promises to clients that can’t be kept. Coach your sales representatives to effectively communicate with clients throughout the delivery process. Mistakes and errors happen. Own them and fix them. In larger enterprise companies, product specialists will often accompany sales representatives to meet with prospects at the beginning of the sales cycle and throughout product delivery. Sales representatives need to be able to work well with product managers and establish a team effort.

Follow these basic guidelines for developing a winning sales force and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.


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