The Benefits of Using Pop up Display Stands

Promoting your company at an exhibition is a great way to boost your market presence and there are plenty of different types of stands you can erect. One of the most popular types of stall to set up is a pop up display stand, as they provide you with a large display area that is easy to fold up and transport. To find a type of stand that suits your needs as well as your budget, you will need to look online at a website such as Marler Haley to see which stands will work best for you. Some stands are ideal for creating small display areas, while others are better suited for companies wanting to take up a large space for their display and your budget may also affect which type of stand you choose to put up.


Here are two of the different types of pop up display stands you can buy:

  1. Classic style

  2. Fabric stand

Classic Pop Up Stand

The Classic style is simple to erect and should stand tall at around two meters high. All you need to do is pull the stand up and secure it into position and the construction is ready to use. The stand will come with a graphic panel that can be attached onto the top by using either a metal bar or a hook and it is important to ensure that you use a company that offers good quality printing services to ensure that your graphic won’t curl or lose its colour over time.

Fabric Stands

A more modern stand is made from fabric and while it is just as easy to put up and take down, it is accompanied by a lightweight printed piece of fabric that acts like a pillowcase that simply zips up over the top of the stand. It is printed using a sublimation technique, so you never need to worry about the graphic fading as the ink has been printed into the piece of fabric rather than onto the top.

Pop up display stands are a great way to present your company at an exhibition but it is vital to ensure that they are made from high quality materials, as they represent your company so the more professional the stand looks – the better your company will be perceived.

Here are some key services to look out for when buying a display stand online:

You can also expect to receive your stands within a week of ordering them, as any professional printing company will be able to provide you with fast turnaround times. One thing that you always need to consider when deciding what style of stand to use is how easy it will be to transport to and from the event, and the great thing about pop up stands is how simple they are to put up and take down.

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