The Main Reasons Why Construction Companies Use Outsourcing

More and more companies are resorting to outsourcing services, especially large companies belonging to the telecommunications and new technologies sector. But even construction companies have come to realize that it makes more sense to outsource specific parts of a project or hire construction plant rather than taking on the responsibilities of purchasing it.


Such business practices, especially outsourcing, are increasingly widespread across the country, as companies large and small look for ways to be leaner and more competitive in their sectors.


Currently, more than half of companies resort to outsourcing services because it facilitates access to new resources without having to bear the entire cost themselves, especially in technical positions. And this trend is unstoppable since it is expected that 80% will increase their commitment to outsourcing.


Why outsourcing is popular


But, what are the main reasons why companies choose outsourcing? We spoke to experts at a consultancy specialized in outsourcing services and analyzed the benefits for companies adopting this business model. The results? Here are the four main reasons.




Permanent technological update


New construction technologies advance at breakneck speed and now more than ever, most companies do not have the resources to meet this constant need.


Given this reality, companies prefer to choose to outsource their services to trusted companies that have professionals specialized in the latest technologies, be it in production, project management, or using renewable construction materials in projects.


Cost reduction, increased business and better financial planning


It is possibly the main reason for outsourcing part of the services. In fact, 47% of companies state that they opt for outsourcing to reduce costs, especially in everything that has to do with hiring, internal training, infrastructure or technology.


In this way, large investments are avoided for specific projects that would otherwise be unaffordable and that could turn into a loss of income.


Higher degree of specialization


Research reveals that 55% of companies find it difficult to find specific profiles that fit the job vacancies, according to Randstad. By outsourcing these services to a third-party specialist in a particular sector, diversification of resources and personnel is avoided, so that other areas that may be less strategically important are not covered.


For example, in construction, many companies choose to outsource acoustic sound testing and related tasks to specialist companies like rather than take on the task themselves.


Productivity increase


By hiring a specialized third party with experience in the required area, a quality result is ensured, which would otherwise be more difficult to achieve. In this way, the same work is done in less time, which increases productivity.


Final thoughts


In today’s ever-innovating economy, the fight for greater productivity and efficiency in all sectors leaves many companies, especially construction companies, no other choice than to outsource tasks, services, or processes in which they do not already excel. By doing so, they can focus on developing competitive advantage based on their core expertise and skills.



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