When it comes to electronics manufacturing, there are all kinds of steps that are both necessary and important in achieving a completed product that works as it should. However, few steps and tools play as important of a role as CAD does in electronics design. CAD, or computer aided design, is technology that makes it possible to design a project and document that entire process. So, why is that so important, and how is it done? Let’s take a closer look at the role CAD plays in electronics design.

What Exactly is CAD?

Computer-aided design is just that – software that is able to help people design an end-result product and have the entire process documented. It can take extremely detailed diagrams of specific processes, products, materials, and dimensions, and then transfer them to the manufacturing process.

With this software, you are able to create two- and three-dimensional designs, making them to feel much more realistic. Once your object has been created, the program then allows you to view it from various angles and even take a look at the inside. You’ll get a complete rendering of the product, component, or even building through the CAD process. While designers used to have to sit in university classrooms and draw their designs by hand, this is all but a forgotten art form, as CAD software has completely taken over the industry.

Why Is CAD So Popular?

So, what created the changes in tides from the traditional drawings complete with a compass and protractor? Well you can thank the cost angle. It just comes down to simple mathematics. Designers can produce products much faster, much more efficiently, and make changes with ease through a CAD program versus drawing everything by hand. This increase in productivity means a decrease in costs, which businesses are happy to embrace.

Not only that, but the designs can easily be shared through departments and with manufacturers as well as rendered quickly for clients once the design process is complete. Combine that with the fact that the CAD software also documents the process, so you can go back and look for errors and discrepancies, and it’s no wonder it has taken over.

There are Plenty of Software Options

Then, there is the fact that CAD software is actually a huge category with a large variety of software programs to choose from. This allows companies to pick the software that best matches their product and design needs as well as their budget.

Take a look at the Altium pcb design software download as an example of high-tech, modern, and powerful software. Companies will have a hard time saying no to software that allows their staff to increase productivity and efficiency. Altium Designer is able to fit the needs of many design engineers, allowing them to stay on schedule, hit all their milestones, create designs that are done properly the first time, and stick to their budget.

Transforming the Industry

CAD isn’t just a neat tool that electronics designers can take advantage of – it is a tool that has truly transformed the industry and what it is capable of.

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