Top 4 Platforms to Start Utilizing for Social Media Advertising in 2019

In 2019, there are literally hundreds of different marketing strategies that could help your business grow. One of the most effective of these strategies is social media advertising. There are tons of benefits to advertising via social media channels, almost too many to count!


Social media advertising techniques (like influencer advertising and video marketing) have been proven to grow businesses around the world. Since social media reaches billions of people around the world, it is one of the best resources for sharing your brand name.


Wondering more advertising on social media to help market your brand? Here are the top 4 social media platforms you should start focusing your advertising efforts on.




There is no doubt that Facebook is the most widely used form of social media on the planet. Every month Facebook has over 2 billion users, most of them extremely active. If you know anything about lead generation, you might already know that Facebook is the ideal place to start.

Generating leads (or potential customers) is essential to the growth of any business.


You can pay for lead generation, and it usually costs under $1 per lead. This information not only allows you to figure out who your potential customers are, but also allows you to reach out to them. The advertising on Facebook can start to get pricey depending on how much you’re willing to invest, but it is well worth it.




Instagram does not have nearly as many users as its Facebook parent, but it is quickly gaining popularity. This is especially true for the younger generation, so if your brand is specifically geared towards a younger crowd this is the place to start advertising.


One thing Instagram offers that Facebook cannot is high user engagement. Even though Facebook has 1.5 billion more users, research has shown that Instagram users are much more present in the social media world. One of the best tactics for advertising on Instagram is to invest in influencer marketing. You can pay an Instagram influencer to wear your watch or drink your coffee. When they post a picture with your product, Instagram users are likely to take note.




The third  most effective social media platform for advertising is Twitter. It has 328 million users each month, and it has been proven that a lot of these users love to online shop. Start tweeting about your product to celebs and influencers, and people will start seeing these people tweet back at you. It gets the initial idea in a potential customer’s head that your product is worthy of buying, especially if a celeb is tweeting about it.




Advertising on Pinterest might not be for every business. But if your target audience is women, you’d be silly not to utilize this social media platform. Pinterest users are 81% female, and most of them are extremely active on the site. The fact that these women are specifically utilizing Pinterest as a means to finding and purchasing creative projects is another plus.

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