What’s the Cost of Installing an EV Charger in Your Home?

The UK targets 2035 to end the sale of combustion-engine vans and cars. UK residents are switching to low emission vehicles such as battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. While sales are slow, the growth rate is rising, which is a good sign. Automotive giants are rushing to produce more electric cars as the deadline nears.


Is the UK ready for the switch to EVs

One of the things that UK car owners are worried about is the availability of charging points, especially among people without home charging and access to off-street parking. A commissioned report stated that by 2050, the UK should have around 2.6 million charging points. As of 2019, there were about 30,000 charging points in 15,500 locations across the country.

However, the government will be relying on the private sector to operate charging points but will provide half of the £400m charging infrastructure investment fund.


Opting for an EV home charge point

To ease the worry of running out of power while on the road, many electric vehicle users are consider working with companies like Power-EV.co.uk for the installation of home chargers to ensure that their car is fully charged when they leave home. This is a good option, especially for those with almost fixed routes, since they more or less know their car’s power consumption each day.


Cost of installation of a home charge point

The preferred home charging point of many homeowners is wall-mounted. The price range is from £300 to £800, between a basic and high-end charge point model. Do keep in mind that you need a certified electrician to install the charger, with an installation cost of around £400. When additional work is needed during the installation, the cost will be higher.


Government grant for installing an EV charge point at home

The cost of installing a home charge point, along with the price of the charge point itself is not a joke. But the government has an incentive for UK residents who are willing to install a charge point in their home. With the OLEV grant, a homeowner can receive a £350 grant for the purchase and installation of a home charge point. The other good news is that the incentive covers at least two charging points for each household.


If you live in Scotland, EV owners get an additional £330 grant. If you reside in Ireland, the government offers a grant under the SEAI based on the price of your plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery electric vehicle.


How do you qualify for the OLEV grant?

UK residents should have off-street parking (garage or driveway) and employ an OLEV-approved home charging point installer to qualify for the grant. If you have already installed a charge point in your home since April 2020, and you meet the requirements, you can apply for the grant. The grant covers plug-in hybrid cars and electric cars.


But your electric car should be a full battery electric vehicle. A plug-in hybrid vehicle CO2 emission version should be calculated below 50g/km to qualify.

Remember that installing an EV home charging point is expensive, so see to it that you purchase a good unit and have a professional install it for you.


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/LIi9tSIKoYQ

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