Why Body Cams are Essential for Debt Collection

Debt collection is complicated, stressful and potentially dangerous, which is why it is essential that a professional handles the process. Fortunately, there are effective methods and techniques that make debt collection safer and more successful. Body cams – cameras worn on the body – offer peace of mind, protection, and reassurance, and make the procedure more secure for both debt collector and debtor.

Debt collection UK companies now use body cams as a matter of expert procedure. Here’s why the introduction of this debt collection technology increases the likelihood of a successful recuperation of debt and decreases the chance of violence. And there are other benefits, too – read on to find out more.

Body Cams Provide Vital Evidence

Collecting debts is a complicated business and collectors must follow the letter of the law in order to successfully collect money owed to clients. The situation is not usually pleasant and it can degenerate into violence, even when the debt collector maintains their professionalism. A body cam accurately records what happens and evidence from the camera can be used in a court of law. Even if the case does not reach the courts, the knowledge that there is body cam evidence often prompts the debtor to pay what they owe.

The body cam not only acts as a recording device, but it also works as a deterrent. A debtor is less likely to be aggressive if they know their behaviour is captured on camera.

Body Cams Are Now a Legal Requirement

All debt collectors must now wear a body cam. This new legislation has been put in place to protect the public from the small number of collectors who act outside the law. The law helps safeguard potentially vulnerable people and is a welcome reform to the system. It enables people who break the law to be held to account. Reputable collection firms welcome this new legal framework. In fact, many firms have been using body cams for many years, even before the law came into effect.

Body Cams Help the Debtor

Using body cams ensures fair play. Complaints against debt collectors are rising, and the evidence from body cams helps ensure that unscrupulous collectors are penalised and provides peace of mind to the debtor that they will be treated fairly. They provide transparency and companies use them to show they care about professional standards and integrity.

Body Cams Make Debt Recovery More Likely

As a bottom line, body cams make it more likely the debt will be recovered. Professional debt collectors use body cams to defuse an aggressive situation, offer reassurance to the debtor that they will be treated fairly, and as a means of persuading the debtor to pay their bills.

If you are looking for a debt collection agency, ensure they meet the standards of professionalism, security and efficiency you would expect in this sensitive area of work. By working with a skilled company, you are more likely to get the money you are owed quickly and without stress.



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