Why You Should Call a Lawyer Immediately Following an Accident

One of the scariest things that most people will ever go through is an auto accident. The pain and suffering, medical bills, missed time from work—it’s enough to drive a person insane on their way to the poor house.


Often, when people get into a wreck and suffer a serious injury, they’re never able to make a full recovery. If someone gets behind the wheel and their negligence leads to a collision that alters your life, you need to take fast action. When you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should call a lawyer immediately, and here’s why.

The insurance company isn’t looking out for your best interests.

When you get into an auto accident, the other driver’s insurance company will likely call you as soon as they get the news, assuming you don’t call them first. When they call you to get an assessment of the damage, they’re fishing for details they can use against you in case you decide to sue them over their driver’s negligence.


It’s critical that you call a personal injury lawyer before you speak with the insurance company. Their goal is to get you to take a settlement so they can wash their hands of responsibility, but having a personal injury attorney on your side is a huge help in dealing with insurance issues after an auto accident. Accident attorneys in Chicago know how to get tough with the insurance companies before the insurance companies have a chance to get shady with you.

Experienced injury lawyers can help you get the medical treatment you need.

You may think of an injury lawyer as the person who makes sure you get your compensation for your injuries, but they also tend to act as patient advocates on behalf of their clients as well. A good injury lawyer will make sure you see the necessary specialists and therapists. And they’re keeping a running tab of it all for your personal injury claim.


Whether you only need a couple of pain relievers and a bandage or full mouth reconstruction, the negligent driver and their insurance company are responsible for any medical treatments that result from the car crash. The job of your lawyer is to get you maximum compensation, and that includes medical expenses as well as financial compensation.

You could be out of work for an extended period of time.

If you suffer a catastrophic injury in a car accident, there’s no telling when you’ll be able to return to work. You and your family rely on your income, and now you have to find a way to navigate without it due to no fault of your own. Your personal injury attorney will make sure you’re compensated for wages you lose due to your motor vehicle accident.

If you sustain serious injuries that will keep you out of work for an extended amount of time, you may have to file a disability claim. Most disability claims get denied the first time around, and even fewer are accepted during the appeals process. Still, you have to do whatever you can to get an income after a catastrophic injury puts you out of work.


The chances are that you may need a lawyer to help you to get disability benefits as well. An auto accident lawyer with years of experience can probably help you file for disability benefits.

The benefit of getting your personal injury attorney to handle your disability claim is that they already have intimate knowledge of your case. They’re familiar with your serious injuries and the circumstances that lead to them. Plus, being that they already have a history with you, they may be more likely to work with you financially.

A good accident lawyer is like a best friend with legal benefits.

The main thing you can expect when you hire an accident lawyer is someone who will have your back. As you develop a report during your case, a good lawyer will go above and beyond the call of duty.

Some lawyers have even been known to take their clients shopping for trial clothes. If you and she are both petites, she may even let you borrow one of her courtroom suits on trial day. The point is that having a good personal injury lawyer is like having a best friend who knows the law.

When you get injured in an auto accident through no fault of your own, you deserve to have the wrong done to you made as close to right as possible. Even if you’re never able to make a full recovery, a personal injury attorney can help see that your best interests are taken care of so you don’t get taken advantage of by the insurance company during the claims process.

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