Your 2020 Guide to Designing Your Business Website

Designing a website in 2020 is decidedly different from designing a website in 2005; the 15-year gap makes a huge difference in how your website is built. Website design trends come and go; there are those that also stay and become part and parcel of effective website design. Some styles are reinvented, whilst many experts also experiment with new strategies and techniques. But with all the trends popping up nowadays, which ones should you pay attention to for your own website? Here’s your 2020 guide to designing your business website so you can have a website that fits with the times – and attracts the visitors you want.

  • Luminous and glowing colour themes

If you want a website that pops, you’d be happy to know that luminous and glowing colour themes are in. The futuristic look of a luminous colour theme is a definite attraction to many; vibrant colours such as hot pinks, purples, and blues look great when they are glowing. You can give your website a more luminous look and feel with these combinations mixed with darker, more conservative and muted hues.

  • Easy, minimalistic, and straightforward navigation

There is a rising trend and call for the use of more videos and scripts using voice rather than text. Simplicity in web design is at the forefront, and this, in turn, results in easier and more straightforward navigation as well. The thing is, simpler navigation has become a trend because more people are using smaller devices and gadgets to access the internet. Website visitors need something that can easily fit into their preferred mode of accessing the Internet, such as the small screen dimensions of a Smartphone. You don’t want your users to over think whilst they are navigating your site; instead of letting them wonder how they can browse through your site, it pays to simply show them the way. Huge photos and videos contribute to the minimalism of site navigation today; you can also use them to draw attention to the objective of your business.

  • Solid white space

White space has always been encouraged by designers and developers, and those in the know have always been fully aware of its importance, as confirmed by the designers from Expre Digital Ltd. But there is a twist in the use of white space nowadays – rather than just simply having ‘blank’ spaces or areas around your website, white space is being framed – it now exists on its own as a solid form, which gives the design more ‘backbone’. White space can give your website a lot more structure; with the framing, you can give your website more stability in design as well. The framing of white space allows every element on your page to stand out, it helps your visuals and images shine. There is also a sense of order in framed white spaces, it helps visitors separate your page’s different elements and prioritise whatever information you think is most important.

  • A mix of graphics and photography

Here’s another trend that’s worth noting: the mixing of graphics with photography. The use of real photographs has a striking appeal to it if you mix it with graphics or illustrations, it can really communicate a bespoke message for your business. Whether you use photos of people or products, these can support your branding and allow your webpages to visually stand out.


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