Your Essential Guide to Serviced Office Agreements: Your Top Questions Answered

Running a business can be a definite challenge for anyone, and if you still have to worry about your office space – outfitting and equipping it, buying all the equipment you need, hiring staff to clean and maintain it, and setting up your utilities and Internet and telephone connections – this can add to your worries as a business owner or manager. You need to focus on running your business, and finding the right office space can be a time-consuming task if you are not sure what to look for and if you have a limited budget. But what if you would still want to give your clients and customers a good impression of your company without having to spend too much on your office space? More businesses today are turning to the serviced office solution, and rightly so. There are many reasons why serviced offices are more popular today. So what should you know about them? Here’s your essential guide to serviced office agreements: your top questions answered.

What it is

Serviced offices are comprised of dedicated spaces that are already equipped with whatever companies need to run and operate. More often than not, a serviced office is run by a special management company (such as Cariocca Enterprises in Manchester), which makes sure that clients have everything they need for their office space.


With a serviced office, you can occupy the space immediately, saving you downtime. These offices may already come with work stations, furniture, conference and meeting rooms, reception areas and staff, maintenance staff, common areas, and more. But, more importantly, they already come with whatever infrastructure you need to work and communicate – from telephone lines to Internet connections and other services.

You can rent or lease a serviced office for a fixed fee per month, and this can also include the maintenance of the building, security, utilities, and insurance. Serviced office agreements are quite flexible, allowing you to move in quickly and move out without any hassle when necessary.

What does it include?

A serviced office can give you the comprehensive solution you need for your office space. The operator of the space will be responsible for the property’s management, and the price for the service will often include the basic and common amenities associated with office spaces. You can also take advantage of shared facilities and services, including kitchens and pantries, boardrooms and meeting rooms, and reception areas. You can expect shared and common IT communications as well as mail and cleaning services, sometimes with an extra fee.

But at the very least, the monthly rate will already include the rent plus utilities, particularly lighting and heating. Additional services and amenities may be included based on the operator and the kind of package or contract you choose. Furniture can already be included in a furnished serviced office, while there are serviced offices which are unfurnished. But some commonly included items for furnished offices include work stations and desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and tables.

With a serviced office, you may also be able to use other facilities on a pay-per-use basis, such as meeting and conference rooms and reception staff, and some operators allow the use of kitchens with an additional cap as well. Some providers offer business services, and some even offer stationery or office supplies and catering.


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