Can Businesses Survive without IT?

A scenario where companies are not using computers and the internet at present is almost inconceivable, although not impossible. Virtually every business, organisation and government office relies on new technology to operate at one level or another. Small businesses, even those which operate in the informal economy find using information technology inescapable. That’s why IT firms like MMR IT, which provides professional IT services to businesses, continue to thrive.

Business significance of information technology

Information technology is virtually inseparable from modern commerce. For one, it enables faster communication that is not limited to voice or text. Companies are no longer limited to telephone calls and SMS when contacting clients, suppliers and potential business partners. They can use conferencing and collaboration platforms to simulate face-to-face meetings. There are online meeting solutions that make it possible not only to conduct video calls but also to collaborate by having simultaneous secure access to documents.

Additionally, IT helps significantly in organising business records and processes. It’s considerably easier to manage invoices, payroll, payables, receivables, human resources, workflows, plans, accounting records and other business information when they are digitalised and organised by unified business software. Even without a unified software solution, an organisation will benefit because of the integration feature of most business applications. You can connect different apps to simplify the processing of data which they are designed collect, generate and disseminate.

Information technology also facilitates more efficient marketing campaigns. It becomes faster and more efficient to launch email, social media and other types of business promotion activities with the help of IT solutions. IT is present in the creation, management, and protection of websites, blogs and social media pages.

More importantly, businesses need information technology for protection against potential cyber threats. These cyber risks are not limited to computer viruses and malware. Threats include data and identity theft, which can be extremely costly for businesses and the individuals who become victim.

Doing away with IT

It would be unwise to refuse to defer deploying information technology in doing business. Some businesses may survive without it. However, they may not be as efficient as they would be with an IT system in place. It’s also worth noting that IT also covers the protection of the online reputation of a company.

Businesses may not engage in online marketing, but this does not mean they are no longer vulnerable to online attacks, including negative propaganda (launched by competitors). Felonious actors may also exploit a company’s lack of online presence to steal their identity to commit fraud and other criminal activities.

So, is it essential for businesses to use information technology? The answer to this question wouldn’t be a simple yes or no. There are industries or specific companies that may not necessitate IT solutions. However, most enterprises need to be ‘on the grid’ to be competitive. Small-scale farming, hardware manufacture, mining, fishing and other similar businesses may do away with information technology. However, as they expand, they would likely realise that their operations can improve significantly if they take advantage of the conveniences brought about by IT solutions.




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