Copper Vs Fibre: What’s best for your business?

To begin with there was the computer revolution and now there is the internet revolution – all businesses both small and large rely upon the internet for a variety of tasks; especially those companies that employ cloud based utilities, storage and software. With the increased reliance upon network speeds and Wi-Fi, it’s time to work out what’s best for your business.

Fibre optic

Fibre optic internet is a great option for high speed internet – whether you employ it for the use of a leased line or to purely connect your office to your router; fibre optic is the future. The connection is carried through the use of light through a piece of glass as thin as a strand of human hair. Fibre optic is great for transmitting information over long distances and is extremely reliable whether used in a busy office or simply at home.

Fibre optic works well for many businesses because it is less likely to go down during a power cut or bad weather. In fact, with current research being conducted at Oxford University, the use of fibre optic is set to really take off.

Moreover, when it comes to speed the fibre optic choice blows the likes of copper straight out of the water – in fact, speeds range from 10mgbs to 100mgbs.

When choosing fibre optic for your businesses it is important to note that this form of connection is not available everywhere – whilst the Government is investing into the possibility of more areas in the UK receiving it, this should be a consideration.


Copper internet, also known as cable internet is the most common type of broadband in the UK. This method is extremely accessible as it is connected via a phone line and in many areas in the UK has been the first type of high speed internet available.

Whilst this form of internet is relatively reliable, experts recommend that when used in a business scenario, all files are fully backed up in the case of an emergency. The size of your business will matter when it comes to whether copper based internet will benefit your organisation. However, copper based internet connections are not as fast in speed as its counterpart; fibre optic – and this should be a major consideration.

With Wi-Fi and high internet speeds changing the way we work, travel and live –it’s important to ensure that you choose the right connection for your business.

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