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Nearly 400,000 car and auto accidents are reported in 2005. But it is a fact that auto and car accidents are not something that we witness every day. Also, we might give in to fear when we face them. But knowing and making yourself aware of it is mandatory. Even though you may not personally face it you can suggest a friend.


Some common do’s and don’ts to be remembered are listed below,


Keep your cool

The first and worst mistake people do is, they get tensed. When you are tensed you won’t be able to think clearly. So try to calm yourself down under any situation. A calm mind helps you to comprehend the situation better.


Look out for injuries if any

This is another important thing you will need to find. When stuck in a car accident there is a high chance of you getting hurt. Delaying or leaving the wound unnoticed might cause a lot of trouble. It might also put your life at stake. So look out for any. If you spot one, make it a point to get it treated as soon as possible.


Use your mobile

Another important thing which you have to remember is to make necessary calls. First and foremost is to call the police. Inform them about the situation. Then call for the ambulance if you find anyone seriously injured. Then call your lawyer or attorney and one of your close kin.


Gather all the information

Avoid panicking and try to gather all the important details regarding the accident. The number plate, the name of the car, color are some things which you have to note. Sometimes taking photographs and videos will also be handy.


Apart from this also keep safe all your medical reports. Record all the mental trauma you are undergoing and the impacts you have to face because of the accident.


Wait for the cop to show up

Don’t engage in conversation with anyone. It is also healthy to avoid any unwanted fights. Don’t try moving your car. Unless and until the law requires it doesn’t. Getting into settlement talks without having your attorney by your side is also dangerous. Don’t make the situation even worse. Running away just like that won’t help.


Be careful about the attorney you choose

Do your research before choosing an attorney. Keep your option wide that narrowing it down. Choose one who is good both in experience and testimony. Consult your good wishes. Surf through sites like that of Naqvi Law for a better idea.


Prevention is always better than cure. So take


  • Follow rules and a ping involving in illegal activities.
  • Using cell phones must be ignored while driving. Car accidents lead the list of causes of death when it comes to teens. So protect yourself from such happenings.
  • Go by the traffic rules and align your acts to it.


It is required that you contact a lawyer. The more you delay the more of risk you might be taking. Consider going to people like Naqvi Law who might help you better.


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