How a Cloud-Based Call Center Can Streamline Your Business

Try as we might, nobody can be an expert at every single thing they do. This holds true for businesses as well. Your product might be a hit but you lack the manpower to manage a social media department. You provide top-tier services but find it difficult to dedicate the time to customer service queries. The list goes on and on. In the past, you maybe needed to bite the bullet and accept your shortcomings. Thankfully, alternatives such as cloud-based call centers make it easier to streamline your business.


What is a cloud-based call center?


Cloud-based call centers might seem fairly self-explanatory but they can get very complex very quickly. In essence, cloud-based call centers leverage software to enhance your customer service offerings without stretching your resources too thin. They come with an array of functions, from automated information gathering to call routing which directs customers to the appropriate departments, all without human input. Plus, since these solutions are software-driven, it comes with some added employee benefits as well.


Firstly, there are no geographic restrictions. Remote work is shown to benefit employees quite significantly, too. You could own a business in San Francisco and rely on a customer service representative based on the East Coast. As long as they’re able to operate during your set business hours, they’re good to go. On top of that, the remote work opportunities equate to a morale boost for your employees. Customer service as a profession often sees high levels of turnover and can sometimes be a thankless career path. The more you can do to ensure employee satisfaction, the more likely you are to hire and retain top talent.


As an added benefit, cloud-based call centers are cheaper than their traditional counterparts. Employees are able to bring their own headsets and rely on their own computers as long as they can run the software at an adequate speed. If you’re a strictly digital business, you don’t have to worry about leasing space for customer service representatives to work out of and save money on monthly rent payments. Sounds like a good fit across the board, doesn’t it?


What to look for in a cloud-based call center


When it comes to choosing the right cloud-based call center, the parameters are quite similar to those you’d use when selecting any other service. You want to verify reliability, determine the provider’s reputation, look at affordability, and compare functionality. Not all cloud-based call centers are created equally.


For instance, companies like Bright Pattern utilize advanced technology including artificial intelligence and bot solutions that other companies don’t always leverage. Naturally, AI and bots offer a distinct level of automation that can truly enhance your customer service and reduce the time and effort it requires.


When it comes to reputation, Google is your friend but word-of-mouth is even better. While online reviews give you an idea of how well a company manages their services, getting a referral from a trusted colleague can be even more important. Oftentimes, online reviews are posted out of immediate frustrations and can present a biased overview of a service. However, this doesn’t mean review services should be overlooked entirely. If a company’s approval rating is overwhelmingly negative, they may not be the best fit.


Cloud-based call centers are the ideal technology for businesses looking to streamline their inbound and outbound customer service and outreach efforts. They reduce resource strain and make it easier to retain customer service representatives. They are advantageous for both smaller businesses that need to carefully allocate resources and larger entities that are looking to refresh their approach to customer service. Cloud-based call centers are truly a win-win for discerning businesses.

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