If you are entertaining the idea of starting a home-based business with your talents as a seamstress, there are some things you might want to know about just how to get your new business off the ground. Maybe you are a stay at home mom, or maybe you are just plain tired of working for someone else and you’d like to be your own boss. It could even be that this is a way to pursue your passion for fabric arts. No matter what the reason, you are intent on launching your own tailoring and alterations business from home, so here are some tips to get you started.

Set Aside a Work Area

If you don’t already have a craft or sewing room, this is something you might want to seriously consider. While working on a computer might be possible from any location in the home, sewing and alterations are a bit different. You need room to lay your fabric out, cut patterns and also to keep all your tools and equipment handy and accessible as you need it. If you have a spare bedroom, that would work nicely, but if not, perhaps you could use the family room. No matter how you do it, it is imperative that you find dedicated space to work that is dedicated to your tailoring business.

Tools of the Trade

Another thing you will want to consider is that you will often need other tools that you wouldn’t ordinarily use when sewing for the family. Take the time to check out the stock at sites like GoldStar Tools that offer a wide range of sewing notions and tools such as measuring tapes, scissors and even pins and needles. This particular store has 99 cent shipping to anywhere in the continental United States, so that is important as well! Keep all those buttons, snaps and appliques on hand so that you’ll have them when putting those dressmaking skills to work!

Marketing Is a Must

Even though you may be doing the bulk of your business in your local area, you will want to use the Internet to market your new tailoring business. Most people now search Google for new businesses, and this is how more than 90% of new customers will find you in the very beginning. Over time, word of mouth will bring in friends and family of customers you’ve served, but in the beginning, it is marketing that will get the word out that you have a business which is in short supply here in the 21st century.

Sadly, there really are few tailoring businesses still in existence today, but the good news for you is that there are so few of them! You can literally own your market with a bit of advertising and a whole lot of skill. You really can be your own boss and have a lucrative home-based business. It’s a matter of having the right tools at hand and the skills so lacking in the world today. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to make your dream come true. There’s no time like the present, so why not start today?

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