Learning About EMP

There are many aspects of the universe that are still being discovered and even more that are yet to be understood. Out of the things that are understood, there is still much to be discovered. Throughout the many studies and the years of research, it has been discovered that the earth is filled with energy. This energy comes in various forms and can be found in many different places. Generally speaking, this energy is an important part of everyday life, but there are also times when this energy can turn destructive. One of the biggest ways this can happen is with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast. This particular energy comes from several natural places such as lightning strike points, but it is also an energy that can be produced through man made means. Either way, it can cause serious problems including everything from an electricity flicker to a complete loss of all electrical devices and even electricity itself. Regardless whether you experience a small EMP from nature or a large military grade EMP blast, it is important to know how to protect yourself and your devices. This is exactly the type of information that you will find here.

There are two types of EMP protection to consider, each is a variation of the other. These two things are Faraday cages and Faraday bags. A Faraday cage is a container that has the ability block all electronic signals from entering or leaving the container. This is not exclusive to the type of signals edited from an EMP blast. It also extends to all versions of cellular signals, WiFi, and bluetooth. It is also blocks all signals from RFID scanners and prevents them from accessing credit and debit card information. Not to mention all radio signals. Any type of signal you can imagine is blocked, both from entering the container and exiting the container. A Faraday bag is the same basic thing with the only difference being the format the container is in. A Faraday cage can come in many different sizes and and shapes, but is always sealed for long term storage. A Faraday bag on the other hand, is designed in the format like any other bag. They are made to be used in everyday situations with devices that you carry with you. You will choose which one to use based off of whether you want to store devices in preparation for a major EMP event at a potential later date or you need to protect the devices that you carry with you everyday.

Since all Faraday cages are essentially the same with differing sizes and shapes, there is not much to decide beyond what size you need and whether you plan on purchasing a cage or building one. Faraday bags on the other hand, have several variations, each one with a specific purpose. There are incredibly small bags and fairly large ones. The first one to consider is the smallest one available, the key fob bag. This bag is just big enough to hold an average sized key fob. This bag is important because it is incredibly easy for a hacker to intercept the signals from the key fob and gain access to your car’s security system. Some key fobs even have a way to remotely start the car, if the signals are intercepted, the hacker gains access to the entire vehicle’s system. The next size to consider is not actually a bag at all, but rather a wallet. This version is a literal wallet that is designed to protect all of your cards from potential RFID scanning. This way, you do not have to worry about anyone accessing your information while you are out and about. Next, there is a size dedicated to smartphones. This bag is designed to keep your phone safe from potential hacking or connecting to an unsafe connection while you are out. Some smartphones are now being made in a size that may not fit in this size of bag. In which case, you would need to move up to the next size which is designed to hold tablets. There are three more sizes after the tablet version. Respectively, there is a version to hold notebook computers, full size laptops, and an oversized bag that can carry all of your devices in one place. There are many places to purchase these bags, all you have to do is perform a basic internet search. Keep the search simple, something along the lines of “tech protect EMP solutions”.

There is another option if purchasing is not an option. This is to build your own Faraday cage. It is far more difficult to build a Faraday bag than it is to build a Faraday cage. Building a cage is actually fairly simple and only requires easy to acquire materials. Most of the materials you will need can be found around most households. These materials include aluminum foil, plastic wrap (or plastic baggies), and cardboard. Pieces of cloth is another optional component. Each device must be warped plastic wrap, followed by two or three layers of foil. After that, place the device in a cardboard box and cover that in at least three layers of foil. If you are using the cloth, wrap the device in that first. The purpose of the cloth is to keep the edges from tearing the foil. When you are wrapping the device, be sure that you are not leaving any gaps. This goes for the plastic and the aluminum foil. The same is also necessary for the foil that is used to wrap the box. When using this method, it is generally best to give every device its own cardboard box. If you find yourself in need of a larger container, consider using a galvanized steel trash can. Line the can in cardboard, ensuring that every inch is covered, including the inside of the lid. Also, when choosing a trash can, be sure the lid fits snuggly. When you place your devices inside the can, do not allow the aluminum foil to touch the metal of the can at any junction.

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