Samsung: The Galaxy X, the first collapsible smart-phone will cost more than 1500 euros

Soon, the famous soft objects of the painter Dali could become a reality. This is at least the case of the next Samsung smartphone, because the Korean giant has been working for years to develop a foldable phone: The Galaxy X.


Announcing a potential exit for 2018, the date had to be shifted due to the impossibility of keeping this deadline. But far from abandoning its ambitious project, the brand now plans to release its flexible phone for the first half of 2019, according to analysts The Korea Times. According to The Bell, the design of the Galaxy X should be finalized in June.

An assertion corroborated by the words of Kim Tae-Woong, chief engineer of Samsung Display:

The technology needed to design this phone will mature in 2019.

This technology is the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) component, which allows via an overlay of organic layers to produce light without backlighting. This offers the possibility to design flexible surfaces. It is used for TVs, such as LG’s OLED TV, and for phones.


According to the Korean newspaper The Investor, two prototypes were presented at the last CES in Las Vegas. The device will consist of two to three OLED displays, each 3.5 inches in diameter for a diagonal of 7 to 7.3 inches unfolded and 4.5 inches closed. The terminal should be accessible even when the phone is retracted.


For those who wish to afford a Galaxy X, know that it will be traded at 1500 euros (2 million won). What will make this luxury phone, wanted “ultra premium” by its builders, the most expensive in history? But Samsung Mobile President DJ Koh said last November that this innovative model “will not be a gadget”, developing:

I need to be sure that we offer the best user experience when we launch a new category.

At this price, it goes without saying that quality is a criterion not to be neglected. Forbes website has announced that this expensive smartphone, still unique, would initially be marketed in South Korea and produced only 100,000 copies. What to reconsider its date put on shelves in our stores.

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