The Little-Known Design Factors You Should Think about When Designing a Product Label

Almost everyone who develops and manufactures products is already aware that the product label they have for their product can definitely affect the consumers’ impression about their product. The product label is your identification badge for your product, after all, and when designing one, there are aspects which are non-negotiable, such as the right font (and font size), the consistency and contrast, the proper colours (preferably coinciding with and complementing your brand and company), and so on. But there are indeed other factors which can also affect the success of your product label and distinguish it from the rest, and not everyone is completely aware of them and their importance. So what are these design factors? The following are the little-known design factors you should think about when designing a product label.

  • The originality of your label

Your label should be easily recognised by those who look at it, and a simple glance should allow customers to already identify what your product is and what it can do for them. But apart from this, you have to think about the originality of your label. Your design should be as unique as possible, and it should also be memorable. To get an even broader and better idea of what you can use, do some research on the labels of your competitors – how can you distinguish yours from the rest? Copying a design or embellishing an existing design isn’t a good idea at all, especially if you want your consumers to get a good impression of your brand and whatever you are selling.

And here’s another thing: never, ever put anything on your product label design which isn’t related to your product simply to make the design of your label look better.

  • The size of your label

The design of your label will also rely on the size of your label for your product’s packaging. You should also think carefully about your label in terms of front and back – does your product label require a front and a back, or will a front do? Most of the time, when you require a series of labels for different products, the front will usually just have the logo as well as the name of the brand. All the rest of the important information about your product is placed at the back. But there are some experts and designers who think that a single label which is wrapped around the packaging is more effective – and friendlier on the budget, too, so think about this aspect as well. Some customers also find this more attractive.


  • The quality of the print

Finally, you have to think about the quality of the print, as confirmed by the contract labelling experts from Atwell Labellers. This is an aspect which is sometimes overlooked, but it is of prime importance as well. The quality of the print should enhance your product’s visual presence and add to its appeal rather than detract from it. So regardless of if you go for a slick and shiny gloss, a coated or matt surface, or another type of quality print element, make sure it is done by an expert.


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