Tried, True and Tested Ways to Boost Your Sales Numbers This Year

You need to improve your dismal sales figures. You know it, your boss knows it, and really, who doesn’t want to make more money? Here’s how to make it happen.

Speak To The Connected Buyer

Today’s buyer has access to Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a host of other resources that levels the playing field. This makes them a “connected buyer.” You don’t have a monopoly on information anymore. So, to speak with the connected buyer, you need to sell with them, not to them.

In other words, you need to join the conversation that’s already happening inside their head. While old-school salesmen are stuck in “sales mode,” you have to move to a consultative method of selling that focuses on helping your prospect achieve his business values.

Businesses, and business people, are too smart for the old sales gimmicks of the 1950s, so don’t use them.

Have a Solid Lead Management System

A solid lead management system tracks leads and moves them through a sales cycle. If you don’t have software that’s helping you do this, you’re not as effective or efficient as you could be. For example, this mortgage software is more than just a CRM system for mortgage professionals.

It’s a lead management app that helps bring in leads, move them through a sales cycle and helps salespeople close more mortgage loans.

And really, that’s what you want for your organization – a system that automates emails, tracks communications in real-time, offers simple reporting that doesn’t skimp on the details, and is customizable to your organization’s needs.

Be Ready For Multiple Buyers

Today’s buyer is usually “buyers,” not just a single “buyer.” In other words, you’re usually dealing with a CFO, COO, CEO, and possibly a purchasing agent. Keep this in mind when making your sales pitch. Ideally, you’ll have all of these people on the phone with you when you’re presenting your offer.

But, in many cases, this just isn’t possible. In these cases, you want to whet the appetite of the person you’re talking with, give them enough information that they want to call you back with an order, but make it clear that you will call them back for a definitive answer.

That way, the sales process moves along and there’s no ambiguity as to what’s supposed to happen.

Focus On The Important Tasks In Your Company

The most important tasks in your company, the so-called “big rocks,” are the tasks that move your company forward. Usually, this is sales and marketing. Most other tasks just don’t matter – not really. Focus on these, and most of the other problems will sort themselves out.

Smash The Alternatives

Buyers always have alternatives. But, what you might not realize is those alternatives aren’t always other companies. Some businesses choose to “do nothing.” That’s an alternative. Solving the problem “in-house” is another alternative. You need to smash these as possibilities if you want to make the sale.

Prequalify Your Prospects

If your prospect doesn’t have any money to spend with you, the sale is dead. Have the decency to bury it quickly and move on to the next prospect.

Richard Reyes, a sales office manager of many years, is always on the lookout for ways to increase sales. When he finds them, he likes to blog about them online. Look for his posts on business and sales blogs.

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