What Is Salesforce Event Monitoring?

Perhaps the most exciting job in the world is that of a detective. It’s conjures up images of someone in a trench coat and a fishing hat walking around with a magnifying glass. Naturally, the stereotypical detective no longer exists. Additionally, not all the detectives try to find clues of this nature. Someone involved in salesforce event monitoring for instance, is also a kind of detective. The difference is that they do most of their work from behind the computer.

Salesforce Event Monitoring Allows You to Be a Detective

Salesforce event monitoring there’s a lot of different things. Mainly, it enables businesses to determine how their users behave on their systems. Each type of behavior is known as an event. A good system allows the business to review various pieces of information about events, while at the same time spotting trends that could point to abnormal behavior that may be a risk to the company’s data.

Good salesforce event monitoring software allows businesses to track a range of different events. This includes login and logout, web clicks, API calls, reporting, and more. Usually, these are events that are stored in log files. A log file should be created automatically whenever an event happens and will be available within a set period of time, usually 24 hours. How reports are presented, who can access them, how long they are available, what data is included in them, and more varies from one software package to another. This is why it is so important to properly compare the different software packages that are available, thereby ensuring you find one that is suitable to your needs.

Having the software and place is just one piece of the puzzle however. Available can only do so much. You also need someone who can interpret and understand the data and find out exactly what everything means. For instance, an event log may show a certain spike, which would point to something unusual having happened, but it will not tell you exactly what that is or why it is so unusual. This requires the mind of a detective. And this is why those people were involved in using Salesforce event monitoring software to its greatest benefits, are essentially modern day detectives.

There are also other benefits to using salesforce event monitoring. This includes the ability to monitor data loss, to increase adoption, and to optimize performance. Installing this type of software can be of great benefit to an organization as a whole. However, it does mean they also have to have someone who is able to properly use it and understand the data that is provided. The “detective”, as mentioned earlier, should, if possible, be someone whose entire job is dedicated to using the software properly. That is how you will get the greatest advantages out of it. They should also be involved in choosing and installing the software from the word go if at all possible. This will ensure that they know what to do with it, what its capabilities are, and whether it has any limitations.

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