Why an MBA Is a Good Idea

The economy is booming and a lot of companies are trying to fill important positions as they expand. Unfortunately, 39% of today’s best companies are not happy with the fact that university graduates are lacking the specific skills they need to be effective at work according to studies complied by Northeastern University. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of professionals are going back to school in order to be more specific with their skills and knowledge.

Fortunately, the best online MBA schools we have today are offering programs designed to train students in specific fields. There are classes that will help students master skills that are actually in high demand on the market. On top of that, you have complete freedom to choose a particular field of study to focus on.

Northeastern University’s Master of Business Administration Online Program

Learn more about why an MBA is a good idea from the How to Choose the Right School for Your Career Path infographic by http://onlinebusiness.northeastern.edu/.

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